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Modern Accent Wall

We have been remodeling a clients house for a few weeks including their kitchen, basement and master bathroom. The home own asked for our advice on what to do with their over 20ft ceilings in their dining room. Currently, the room was wall to wall white matte paint (which attracts all the dirt and grime). We suggested she do an accent wall to really accentuate the height of the room. She had an overall theme of black, white and some grey colors in her home so she decided to let us go for it!

We first drew out a SIMPLE pattern that we thought would work in her space with all of her decor. See below:

Simple drawing of the wall and mapped out our design.

We patched and prepped the wall for paint.  Next we started with the paint color, Black Onyx PPG Paint in Semi-Gloss (The sheen makes all the difference). At first, it was a shock to go from bright white to almost completely black BUT it grew on us almost immediately. The home owner started to see it coming to life.

Next we started to add the trim pieces each cut to a very specific angle. We started with a boarder around the whole wall to really make sure that it looks like not only a piece of artwork, but to keep the cuts from hitting the connecting  walls and to give it a really finished look. After we started cutting trim pieces to fit the design, we just kept going with the direction of the home owner as to where she would like the additional pieces.

And TaDa!

We are so excited for how this small, but super modern wall turned out and our client is absolutely thrilled with it!




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