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Surprise! You get a FREE Bathroom!

First post of the year and it is such a heartwarming one. Remember our Christmas Community Giveback? Yes, the one giveaway we do each year for someone who is absolutely deserving and making a BIG difference in our community? Well this year, we were able to surprise this couple and it was everything we love and more…

Her face is priceless! This is why we giveback to those who do so much in our community!

Ron and Sue have lived in our small community for over 40 years. Volunteering at the local soup kitchen, church youth groups, and even our local elementary schools are some of their weekly activities that are hvaing a huge impact in our area. They were nominated by a few families who live close to them and family who told us story after story of them being selfless, acts of kindness and showing true compassion in everything they do.

Once we read the heartwarming letters from the community, we knew we had found our winners.

Not only was the entire neighborhood able to come together and surprise them, their family and friends were there too. We love these photos that Ash & Co Photography was able to capture.

Madsen Remodeling, Bundy’s Flooring and R&S Marble surprising the winner!

Check out the video below. They were so surprise and excited and we were too!

2019 Winners of the FREE Bathroom Remodel!


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