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2022 Tile Trends by The TileBar

Wanted to share this great post about the tile trends we are seeing for 2022. From what we are seeing across the country right now in terms of new builds or remodels, from Modern to Farmhouse styles, all of these tiles can be incorporated in your home whether that be in the bathrooms, kitchen, exterior or accent walls through-out.

🔷 The New Neutrals After years of maximalist hues and bright colors, 2022 brings with it a more subtle, muted rainbow of shades.

🔷 Design in Bloom Floral patterns are back, and these organic expressions of botanical beauty color your space with an eternal feeling of spring.

🔷 Timeless Sustainability With the increasing focus on sustainability in design, natural stone tiles are making their way back into designer’s palettes.

🔷 The Great Outdoors Offering a beautiful natural quality, wood is one of the most evocative materials out there, instantly adding warmth and endless style.

🔷 Depths of Inspiration The future is here: dimensional tiles are everywhere, changing the way we think of design and architecture.

🔷 Mix it UpMixed material tiles offer unique, one-of-a-kind designs that can only be created with an alchemy of materials and techniques. To learn more about 2022 trends, head to the link below to read The Tileist blog post!


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