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Top 5 Home Remodeling Trends in 2023!

Welcome to 2023!

Where we are in utilizing our home space more and for more, especially in these cold winter months, we thought it would be good to highlight a few trends we are seeing in the home decor and home renovation industry. As we highlight a few trends we have started to see below, we are incredibly thankful for all the clients who have let us be apart of their home renovation and remodel. As we look into what this year holds, we are so excited to share some of the most popular trends we are seeing in the remodeling world.

  1. Glass Panels in Kitchens, Furniture and more!
These beautiful glass cabinet doors in white oak mixed with the brass handles give this space some serious modern vibes.

Open shelving has been on trends in recent years but we are now seeing an update to this trend. The semi-open look of the glass allows you to still add some custom décor to your space, but it is actually good for function as well. You are able to still hide away some of your not so visually pleasing items, but super functional kitchen items (insert bright colored platters and matching bowls). This gives you a little wiggle room on the storage and also function of the most used space in your home, the kitchen.

Grandma Chic Cabinet and Décor with Glass Doors

2) Modern Spanish Style

Whether this is the arches we are seeing taking over every type of wall décor or actual structural items like arches in doorways or built-ins, the arches are here to stay for while. Pair this with the trend of terracotta, neutral tones and colors and this is a huge trend we are seeing in all homes.

Arched Doorway & Bedroom Wall Niche
Curved Front Door and Terra Cotta Tile Steps
Terra Cotta Tiles

3) Natural Materials in Every Room

We specialize in kitchens, bathrooms and basement finishes, but also take on various other projects pertaining to the home space. We have seen an uptick in natural finishes and selections of materials from our clients. From fireplaces to backsplashes and tile floors, this is a trend we love to see.

Stone Veneer in Kitchen
Stone Fireplaces

4) Workstation Sinks & Commercial Grade Faucets

This is a big one with kitchen remodels right now. Clients are really into making that kitchen space more functional than ever before. These types of sinks and faucets are a great way to accommodate that home chef. These sinks are now being offered in sizes that were not being made just a few years ago so they fit right in with our custom cabinets and kitchens. The chopping, rinsing and drying process has never been easier in these types of sinks.

Workstation Sinks
Industrial Faucets

5) Stand Alone Tubs and Curb less Showers

This is a big one for the lover of R&R after work. The bathroom has been utilized as a spa for many years for some but this trend is taking it to the masses for most remodels we do. Stand alone tubs are placed in most new builds now-a-days and are being made for different layouts of bathrooms, most any shape and style. These are some of our favorite types of master bathroom remodels we do!

Beautiful Stand Alone Tub
Curb Less Showers

These are definitely some trends we are seeing in our industry in 2023 and think they will be around for quite some time. We are glad to see this shift in color palettes, material and selections and hopefully you find this list to be helpful in you remodeling projects this year.


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