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Top Home Remodeling Trends of 2021

2020 is now behind us however we are still feeling the lingering effects of the COVID pandemic. Unfortunately, some materials have been delayed and we have had to lengthen a few projects however we are still moving along and surviving this unprecedented time.

With that, 2020 did however have a lasting affect on how many families are rethinking their spaces and choosing to remodel their homes. We are seeing lots of requests for certain changes, some simple and some more extreme to accommodate new households normalcy. Below are a few that we are just excited to share with you.

  1. Accent Walls
Basement Finish with Wainscoting in Perry, Utah

Wainscoting, abstract trim, accent walls, whatever you want to call them, they are growing in popularity and are here to stay in 2021. You need a pretty wall to sit in front of on your zoom calls? Here there are!

Warm earthy tones are extremely popular and requested right now. Taupe, Biege, and sand colors are everywhere in home decor. You can switch out your decor easily throughout the year with a staple accent wall in your home. Accent walls add texture, pop of colors and warmth into your space without much of a price point to remodel an entire room. Normally these types of projects take around 2 days to complete.

We just finished this basement in Perry, Utah and the customer sections were spot on for this trend.

4 inch ledge for décor
The Black Accent Wall strikes again!

Colors to look for this year: Blush pinks, earthy natural tones in tans and browns, matte blacks, dark greens and muted hue blues.

Natural tones are this years color choices!

2) Bathroom & Shower Oasis

Let’s be real, this last year really put pressure on everyone in different ways. Not being able to see family as much as we are used to, missing sporting games and functions, canceling weddings and big day events was no fun. Lots of clients are requesting some much needed updates to their personal care spaces to create a space to really unwind and relax in after a long hard day working from home.

Deep Soaker Tubs & Steam Units are on the rise in the master bathroom remodeling field. Deep soaker tubs come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit every space available in homes. Steam units are also climbing in popularity.

Tub Filler with Soaker Style Tub. Ogden, Utah

Another project finished in January showcased just how simple and pretty these can look finished.

Steam shower and control unit.
Utility Room for easy set up with Steam Shower. Perry , Utah


The great TP shortage of 2020 led us to this increased request for bidets to be installed in bathrooms across the state. Personal care, better hygiene or just fun to use, whatever your reason is, these little guys can be a big improvement in making sure germs stay where they need to.

Note: You will still need to wash your hands after using the bathroom 🙂

Abstract & Geometric Tiles

Tile selection can be very intimidating. Are you making the right choice? Is this tile too bold? Will I hate it in a few years? What grout color goes well with it? How will it look in my space? What floor tile, accent or wall tile? SO MANY QUESTIONS go through your mind when selecting your new bathroom.

One quick suggestion, picking a neutral tile for a wall tile will be a great starting point. Adding in elements of color and geometric prints are great for accent tiles or floors. We are seeing lots of trends in the tile world, especially in the printed and abstract tiles.

Tiles walls, small accents niches, or entire floors are being covered with beautiful bold geometric tiles in natural or neutral colors so as the ones below. Pair these with some of the trending colors of 2021 and you can’t lose in your master bathroom selections.

Tile Accent Wall
Bold wall but beautifully done!
This tile in both black and white adds so much demention to the space.
Geometric Tile Trends

3) Kitchen Trends

Large Islands with Storage

Let’s face it, our kitchens are being used for multiple uses now a days. Whether that is for classroom homeschooling, zoom conference calls, and the normal, eating or cooking of meals. The kitchen is the hub of the house right now.

While remodeling, we are seeing lots of requests for wall removals so that families can add in bigger islands to accommodate this new lifestyle. Clever storage ideas can make this trend even better with functionality. This project is a great example of the galley style island with storage.

Warm Flooring Selections

After the last few years of white on grey on white on grey cabinets (which are still very popular) people are selecting more warmer colors for flooring. Light white oak, hand scraped floors are growing in popularity right now. Natural warm hues in wood or LVP floors are the most requested currently and we don’t see this trend stopping anytime soon.

Warmer Flooring Selections
Warm Oak Flooring

These are the trends we are seeing this year so far and think that these will be in style for a few more years as we start the decade. Hope you enjoyed!


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